Latte Versus Mocha

Here is a quick comparison between latte and mocha.


Latte or "caffè latte" is made by pouring a shot of espresso into a cup, adding steamed milk until the cup is almost full, and then topping the drink off with an approximately 1/2 inch thick layer of milk foam.


Mocha or "café mocha" is basically a latte with chocolate added, usually in the form of chocolate syrup. Variants include the caramel mocha or a white mocha, made using caramel sauce or white chocolate. The drink is often topped with garnishes such as whipped cream, shaved chocolate, or chocolate powder.

Although chocolaty, mocha is typically not overly sweet. The idea is to add a little chocolate flavor to the the latte base drink. Latte is normally not sweetened. Mocha afficionados will tell you that it has a richer, bolder, heartier taste than a latte.


Mocha has more calories than latte due to the added chocolate. (But who's paying attention?) A 12 ounce latte will typically have 120 to 200 calories whereas a mocha can have 300+ calories. The actual caloric content is a determined by the fat content of the milk and the amount of chocolate added.